Tips To Always Look Skinny

Tips To Always Look Skinny | Salam.. are you all healthy The case of covid19 now, is getting higher and higher. The number of cases up to 20000+ new cases a day .. Since the Lockdown annoucement, everyone can't go to work. Many offices are closed .. Many schools are closed .. All industries in the country are closed .. I haven't been to the office for a long time .. Just work at home only .. At home, we can only eat, eat and eat only until my double chin is getting bigger and bigger. hahahahaha my husband asked me to jog but huhuhuuhu I'm too lazy to go out .. No wonder I created a new cluster ...

After this marriage, the longer I feel fat .. Huhuhuh at home I enjoy eating. My husband is diligent to eat .. If I'm lazy to cook, he cooks .. If not, he is diligent to buy food from outside .. The days of drinking iced tea .. I'm getting fatter now: p

So, I want to be thin like before marriage .. I want to regain a slim body .. No double chin .. My stomach doesn't fold. Huhuhuhu, it's a shame when you want to go anywhere with a bloated stomach: p To lose weight in a short time is impossible, but I've started servay Slim Shapewear online .. It's hard to find the best .. There are many fakes .. Slim Shapewear that I have It looks like it's on the website, it looks cheap and quality .. There's another discount ready .. Maybe it's in the middle of an offer .. What's more, I took the opportunity to buy Slim Shapewear on the website .. Let's see the info about the Shape wer that I like. Why do I really want to buy this best body shaper ?!!

Reasons To Be Slim

1.Old clothes are tight

Dear, the beautiful old clothes with meletops fashion are already tight. Want to give alms dear. So, keep it in the closet ... Make that old shirt a mission and a skinny target.

2. Knees and heels are always sore

Be careful when your heels and knees get sore. That's a warning sign that you're overweight. When I'm sick, confirm that you don't want to move anywhere. Then another disease came ... Huhu. Moh ler diet to be healthy to avoid any disease. In sha Allah.

3. Tight Rubbbing

I've experienced it. Because if the thighs rub, confirm abrasions. It hurts! To avoid pain, always wear clothes and pants. Baju kurung kebaya and others have been put aside. I don't have a beautiful style ... Diet please!

4. Suspected of being pregnant

This hat hurts the most. Suddenly people ask "is there anything else?" Want to answer yes satgi people ask due when pulak. I want to talk fat, I don't want to curse myself .. I want to diet !!!

5. The stomach already has layers

Huhu .. it doesn't matter when the stomach has a layer. It's hard to be stylish. Ambik fashion is not appropriate, ambik fashion big looks like we are getting bigger .. I'm skinny!

6. Husband is good at looking at other girls

Danger! So, don't let us go back thin and to make sure our husbands don't look at other women. We are not unattractive but because it contains jer ...

7. The doctor warned

If the doctor has warned, we must understand that we are on the verge of danger for related diseases. Takmo!

8. A friend's reprimand seems to contain ..

Indeed. In addition, the friend maintains slim melim. Let's be skinny ...

Lets Be Skinny !! Lets wear side zipper shapewear until thin !! :p