Ways to maximize space for small house

Ways to maximize space for small house | With an advice from designers is definitely useful and helpful but what is even more useful is learning about what people are actually dealing with rental issues are doing to overcome some of the design dilemmas like in a private condominium’s studio or executive condominium in Singapore. Instead of dwelling into the dilemmas between rental issues and tiny space problem, how about to look into aesthetically stylish spaces for the ideas on how to make the most of the rental space? There are some ideas where you can maximize the little space to lease.

1.Less floor space used for beds
Usually a comfortable and cozy beds come in big and chunky and it takes up 60% of the room especially if you own a studio. The tenants have to make decision whether to find comfy sleeping solution which also made good use of the tiny floor space they rented for. The murphy beds are not the most practical option for most renters. Unless, if you have money which means you will be surprise how comfortable, affordable and easy-to-use contemporary options. However, if you loathe the idea of having to do folding activities for your bed everyday does seems to be hassle to you, you can consider a loft beds. A little warning here, if you find that loft beds are not for you and if you dislike climbing ladder, you can create a tucked away bedroom nook and some usable place under the loft.

If you think getting Murphy bed could help reclaim the space under your bed by purchase few storage containers that you can slide in and slide out. You could to slide in and out the boxes from under your bed and keep them once you are finished.

2. Mount your things on the wall
Not all tenants are buying into this idea as it could hurt the wall (some owners are against the idea of having permanent holes on the wall). If you are the owner of the property, you can consider to maximize the space and whoever have the power drill can consider to mount as much as you can to the wall. From small worktops to nightstands, to lights or even console tables that not only will transform your your small floor space to feel bigger.

3. Investing in small-tool kitchen storage
When it comes to organizing small rental kitchen, there is really no such thing as getting into detail-oriented from pot racks to under-cabinet hooks. If you are renting, you probably did not design the kitchen to fit your cooking needs. However, by investing in small organizational containers and tools, like stand-alone shelves, hooks, tension rods and pot racks, you may open up the possibility for customization of a rental which you can create more function.

4. Paint bulky colours
My advise is do not look down on paint job though it doesn’t seems like an actual exercise that make more physical space. However, painting for big elements  like the wall sized storage units, it will turn your heavy object that’s able to blend into your home’s background. Essentially, this makes your home feel like it has more space. Besides, if you are painting on your items, it wouldn’t be an issue to your landlord.

5. Acrylic can be magical
Choosing an acrylic furniture also does not necessarily save or maximize any physical space. You can also choose a furniture piece that is made from clear material which certainly make an object blend into the surrounding. This trick will give the appearance more space that helps the house to look spacious, plus point if you are the landlord who wants to rent out your small condo.

6. Leaning on ladders
While wood made leaning ladders can be a sneaky way to make use of the narrow floor space, odd corners, or wall space which you can’t put holes into it. You can consider to use one to organize scarves and other fancy fashion accessories in your bedroom. In the bathroom, you could also hang some towels or in the living room, you could sling throw some pillows on a ladder in the living room that makes the room cozier which you may find it handier than you thought.